Award Winning Unity3D Developer
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Interactive Applications

Highly sophisticated, quality interactive applications. Developed for a wide-range of multipurpose use.

Game Design & Development

Glorious, glitch-free game development for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android built within powerful, cutting-edge softwares and tools.

Mobile Development

Reach your customers on a wide range of mobile platforms. Developed with mobile support in mind.

Audience Engagement

Offer custom solutions designed to meet your specific marketing needs to help engage with your customers.


Power your business with a unique dynamic and interactive experience with Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

New Technologies

Always up-to-date, and reinventing new technologies. Giving your product a massive edge over competition.

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Below is a collection of my best work done throughout the years.

Innovative Connected Aircraft

Interactive Event Experience

Delphi - Event Experience

Augmented Reality on Mobile

Bic®Kids DrawyBook - AR

Augmented Reality on Mobile

Bic®Kids DrawyBook

Mobile App


Research Project

Coca Cola World Cup

Mobile App

The Restless Dead

Complete Game on Mac

Reality Pool

Augmented Reality on Mobile

Number Dub

Puzzle/Timed Mobile Game

Fruit Ninja

Game Framework

Header Football

Game Framework

Flappy Craze

Complete 2D Game in Unity

Harrods Henry

Brand Mobile Application

Bumper Animation

Maya & After Effects

Hidden Trauma

3D Game Art & Development

Hill Manipulation

Digital Art

Energy Ball

Digital Art

MindWave Moodifier

Technological Experiment


Below is a list of clients I have had the opportunity to work on projects for.

About Me

An enthusiastic, passionate and diligent Unity contractor.

Ollie Jones

Unity 3D Developer and Specialist

I have been developing and designing both stunning interactive applications, and astonishing entertaining games for more than 8 years, on a range of platforms. I approach my work with a high degree of diligence.

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I am currently available for contract work. If you have any queries, please contact me.

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