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Blogs Running!

I finally got round to setting up my blog and incorporating it into my website!

Stay tuned for up to date technology and app analysis and discussions, as well as many random posts to peak the interest in some of you!

First Hand Experience

A lot of the time, I manage to get my hands bits of technology that not many other people have the privilege to access, or just simply don’t have the resources to. Because of this, I will try and give my best impression, and review on certain technology, whether that by hardware, or software!

Developing & Modern World

If you have been living in a cave, you may not have heard about the world going crazy for Virtual and Augmented Reality technology. Not only does this have the people interested, but also developers and commercial CEOs (yes, they’re a different type of people!). Because of this, and me being a developer myself, I like to work on such projects that try and heavily involve all this type of technology.

More To Come! …

So with that in mind, there is indeed more to come with regards to technology, apps, and of course, the odd random post.