Interactive application and games developer
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Game Design & Development

Glorious, glitch-free game development for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android built within a powerful game engine, Unity 3D Pro.

Interactive Applications

Highly sophisticated, quality interactive applications. Developed for multipurpose use, from shop floors, to single desktop applications.

Mobile Development

I develop in such a way that I can create applications and games for a multiple range of devices.


Below is a collection of my best work done throughout the years.

The Restless Dead

Complete Game on Mac

Reality Pool

Augmented Reality on Mobile

Number Dub

Puzzle/Timed Mobile Game

Fruit Ninja

Game Framework

Header Football

Game Framework

Endless Runner

Game Framework

Flappy Craze

Complete 2D Game in Unity

Harrods Henry

Brand Mobile Application

Bumper Animation

Maya & After Effects

Hidden Trauma

3D Game Art & Development

Hill Manipulation

Digital Art

Energy Ball

Digital Art

MindWave Moodifier

Technological Experiment


Processing Script Game

Weapon Editor

JavaScript HTML


Below is a list of clients I have had the opportunity to work on projects for.

About Me

An enthusiastic, passionate and dilligent freelancer.

Oliver Jones


I have been developing and designing both stunning interactive applications, and astonishing entertaining games for more than 5 years, on a range of platforms. I approach my work with a high degree of diligence.

Contact Me

I am currently available for contract work. If you have any queries, please contact me.

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